Don't take our word, hear it from our customers

I recently had the pleasure of having my house cleaned by the efficient team from Miracle Maids. I was very excited about having someone else do the dirty work so that I could have a day to have fun and not spend half the day cleaning , but a little nervous that I would still have to clean what they missed. It was absolutely wonderful!! When I came home from work, the house smelled clean, and was sparkling. They cleaned every bit as good as I do myself and in some cases even better. They cleaned areas that often get set aside for another day because they are too time consuming. Wow!! Not only vacuuming, dusting and detailed cleaning and polishing in every room they even did the windows in our French doors!! I would definitely recommend Miracle Maids to anyone who wants more time to enjoy the things they like to do and let Miracle Maids to the rest.

- Cheryl Arcand

Do you know how it feels for a single mother of 2, working full time to come home to a fresh, clean home. It feels AMAZING. That is exactly what happened to me when I was visited by MiracleMaids. To have cleaning marked off my list as “Things To Do”, freed up time so I could spend with my children and do things I really wanted to do. Right from the 1st phone call I made to MiracleMaids, was a positive and friendly experience. I was impressed with the check list left behind that showed everything Miracle Maids had done while they were there and knowing we could accommodate specific cleaning I wanted done in my home, is a great offer. I would recommend MiracleMaids to anyone and know you will not be disappointed with the great value and the clean home you will be left with when visited by MiracleMaids.

- Rhonda

Great experience. Prompt, courteous and professional service! Made my life easier, thank you!!

- Bob VanHoorn

I purchased a Spring Cleaning for my mom this past week. She's in her 70's and was thrilled at the notion of a team of women visiting her house to do a "from top to bottom" spruce up for her. Windows, floors, walls, vacuuming, bathrooms, bedrooms and such were tackled by the team. Mom my said when she returned to house later that day she couldn't get over the fresh smell of the place and how lovely everything looked. Thank you Tabitha Flood and your team for making my mom's day!

- Shelli Warren